Creating a Work Order

Once you've entered all the data into the Sales Order, you're ready to create Work Orders.  If you've not already Saved your order, do so now.

  • Click the 'Create Work Orders' link at the top of the Sales Order tab.

    create work orders link2 

  • A Validation checkbox will appear if everything is filled out correctly. Click 'Convert,' and the Sales Order will be converted to a Work Order(s).


  • Next, you'll see a dialog box appear, confirming how many work orders were created.


  • Click 'OK, and notice that the 'Create Work Orders' link has now been replaced with a 'X Work Orders' link. Clicking on that link will take you to the corresponding Work Order(s).


  • If you need to go back and make changes in the Sales Order, click the 'Delete WOs' link, make the changes in the Sales Order, and then re-create the Work Orders.