Import QuickBooks Products into EmbTrak

·         From the EmbTrak Home Screen,  go to System à Import à QuickBooks à QuickBooks 2006 – 2014 Product Import


  • As the Import program runs, a pop-up list displays the items that are being imported.  Inactive items are not eligible to be imported into EmbTrak.
    • Set Product Type and Size Type for items that have not been previously imported by clicking on the down arrow and picking the appropriate option.
    • If the Product Type is blank when the import program runs, an eror message will display that an item is missing a Product Type, giving recommendation to fill in the missing information and retry the Import.
      • Click OK to continue.
      • The program will finish and not import the problem items.
      • To import the items, rerun the import program and complete the Product Type field
    • If the Size Type is blank when the import program runs, the item will import into EmbTrak with a blank for SizeType


  • Once all items have a Product Type and Size Type, Click Continue.
  • After the Import program completes, a dialog box displays, noting the total number of Products that were imported.  

When the Product exists in QuickBooks, but not in EmbTrak

  • The Import program will set the EmbTrak fields as follows: 
Product Number = Quickbooks Item Name/Number
Description = QuickBooks Description on Sales Transaction
Product Type = Product Type set during Import program
Size Type = Size Type set during Import program



  • Notes: 
    • If the Description on Sales Transaction is blank in QuickBooks, the Description in EmbTrak will remain blank.  
    • Product Syles and Product Pricing will not not be set up with the Import program.

When the Product exists in both QuickBooks and EmbTrak prior to Import

  • If the QuickBooks and EmbTrak item have never been sychronized, a new product will be added to EmbTrak.  This will create a duplicate record and the previous EmbTrak record should be Deactivated so you use the one created from QuickBooks from this point forward.
  • Updates for previously synchronized items will occur when a product has a different QuickBooks Description.  The new description will carry over to EmbTrak.  
    • If this item exists on a Quote or Sales Order, the line item description will also be updated.