Export EmbTrak Customers to QuickBooks

·         From the EmbTrak Home Screen,  go to System à Export à QuickBooks à QuickBooks 2006 – 2014 Customer Export


  • As the Export program begins, a pop-list of available customers will display.  Inactive Embtrak customers are not eligible for export.
    • Select which customers to export by clicking in the box to the left of the Account Number.
    • To select more than one account, hold the CTRL key down while making selections.
    • Once all customers to export are highlighted, click the OK button.


  • Use the Filter field to narrow down the customer selection list.
    • Key in a number or letters to use as the filter (ex. "7002" or "GOLF" or "Laverne")
    • Only customers where the Account, Name, or Contact contains that combination will show on the selection list.
    • In this example, the Filter is looking for customers containing the word MAN.



  • After the Export program completes, a dialog box displays, noting the total number of customers that have been exported. 



When the Customer exists in EmbTrak but not in QuickBooks

The Export program will set the QuickBooks fields as follows:

Company Name = EmbTrak Name
Customer Name = EmbTrak Name
Invoice/Bill To = First EmbTrak Billing Address
Ship To 1 = First EmbTrak Shipping Address
Account # = EmbTrak Account #
Sales Tax Item = QuickBooks Most Common Sales Tax (set in Company Preferences)
Tax Code = "Tax"



  • Note: EmbTrak's Contact, Phone, Email, and any Address records beyond the First Billing and First Shipping do not carry over to QuickBooks

When the Customer exists in both QuickBooks and EmbTrak prior to Export

  • Updates will occur when EmbTrak has a different Name (updates QuickBooks Company Name, but not Customer Name).  
  • If 1st Billing Address or 1st Shipping Address is different, they will be updated in QuickBooks.
  • If the Export program finds a duplicate account number in QuickBooks, it will create another account in QuickBooks with the same Account Number.  It is best to avoid using duplicate account numbers.
  • If the Export program finds a duplicate Company Name in QuickBooks, but a different account number, the Export Customer program will return with an error.  EmbTrak allows duplicate Company Names.  QuickBooks does not.  Must Modify EmbTrak's Company Name so that it's unique.