Adding Products

To add a new product, or edit an existing product, open the Product List screen.

Depending on which edition you've chosen, the Product List screen will be located under different menus.

  • If you have Enterprise:
    • On the main screen, navigate to Inventory -> Edit Inventory Products.


  • If you have Elite or Express:
    • On the main screen, navigate to Products -> Edit Products.

  • When the GET screen opens, click the 'Cancel' button. The Product List screen will open. 
  • Click the green + sign at the top of the screen to add a new product type. A new line will appeaer in the grid below.

  • Fill out the details in the Product Detail tab at the bottom of the screen.


    Note: Make sure to check the 'Active' checkbox to ensure that the product will appear on the dropdowns in the Sales and Work Order screens.
    • Click the 'Save Current' button at the top of the screen to save your changes.


    • Keep in mind that once you save a Product, you will not be able to delete it. If you want to remove the product from the dropdown in the Sales and Work Order screens, simply uncheck the 'Active' checkbox.

Verify Positions, Design Statuses, Color Coordination Codes, Types, etc.

  • On the main screen, navigate to System -> Administration -> List Data


  • The List Items Administration screen will open with a list of categories that have already been filled out with commonly used data. You have the option to keep the data that's already there, edit it, add to it or delete it.
  • The categories are shown in the column on the left under the 'Data Lists,' and the details are shown in the viewer on the right under the 'List Items.'