Adding a New Customer / Editing an Existing Customer

To add new customers or edit existing customers, open the Customer Administration screen. (Note: the terms 'customers' and 'accounts' are used interchangeably).

Depending on which edition you've chosen, the Customer Administration screen will be located under different menus.

  • If you have Enterprise:
    • On the main screen, navigate to Import -> Customers.


  • If you have Elite or Express:
    • On the main screen, navigate to Customers -> Edit Customers.



Adding a New Customer

  • The Customer Administration screen might open with a blank record, but you won't be able to add a new record until you click the green + symbol at the top of the screen. (NOTE: There are two green + symbols on this screen. Make sure you're clicking the one at the top right corner, not the one located under the address box).


  • Fill out the information in the header.
    • Selected Customer: Even though this is a dropdown box, you can type in the name of a new customer.
    • Account Number: The number that you want associated with this company/account. This number will appear on sales and work orders, and you can search for specific account numbers in Sales Order Management, Work Order Dispatch and Color Coordination GET screens.
    • Name: The name of the company associated with this account.
    • Contact: Your main contact at that company. 
    • Active checkbox: Check this box if you want this customer to show up as 'active' in Express. (NOTE: If the checkbox is not checked, then the customer will not appear in any dropdowns on the Sales Order Management, Work Order Dispatch or Color Coordination screens.)


  • Next, fill out the information in the Address section.Click the Save button (located in the top right of the Customer screen) to save the data.
    • Click the green + symbol under the Address section to enable the section and add an address. Without clicking the green + symbol, you will not be able to enter any data in the Address fields. NOTE: Make sure you click the green + symbol in the Address section, NOT the one in the Header.


    • Type: Choose whether this address is a shipping address, billing address or both in this dropdown.
    • Company Name: The name of the company whose address you're inputting. This could be the same as the Name field in the header, or a different name. For instance, the company name in the header could be the name of the corporate company (Gannett) with which the account is associated with, but the company name field is the child company of the corporate company (The Greenville News).
    • Attention: This can be the same person you listed as the Contact in the Header, or another person in the company.
    • Addresss data: The street, city, state, zip and country.
    • Memo: Any notes that you need to add about the customer. 
    • VAS Codes: Located next to the green + symbol in the Address section. Not every customer will have VAS codes, but if they do, you can add them here by clicking the VAS Codes button. This button will only be available for addersses that have either 'Shipping' or 'Both' in the Type dropdown.


  • Click the Save button when you're finished.



Editing an Existing Customer

  • To Edit an existing customer, click on the 'Selected Customer' dropdown to display a list of existing customers. These will be ordered alphabetically.


  • Select the desired customer, and the fields will automatically populate with the information that has been previously added.


  • Make the necessary changes/additions to the customer's record, and click the Save button located at the top right corner.