EmbTrak Elite

Business and Art Management Software

Elite is the complete business and art management system for distributors, decorators, contractors and promotional products companies of any size.  It includes all the usual business management features necessary to enter and execute decorated products orders, plus these extras which set it apart from the crowd:

  • Integrated stitch file viewing and thread coloring (eliminates copy and paste from digitizing programs)
  • Integrated art file and color management (eliminates expensive file management software)
  • Integrated personalization entry by garment (make personalization a profit-maker rather than a headache)
  • Optional Sage 300 ERP Accounting integration (better than any 'built-in' accounting can be)
  • Ability to interface with virtually any other business system (complements Dynamics AX, etc)
  • State-of-the-art embroidery and screen print machine scheduling and labor productivity tools

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Order Entry

  • Select decorations and view stitch files (and all art files) in the order entry screen
  • Import Excel personalization data from customers with a click
  • Create quotations and sales orders
  • Apparel style multiple sizes per line
  • Catalog integration
  • Email detailed Order Confirmation with products, logos and personalization detail

Design Management

  • View native design files (.dst, .AI, etc) in every major screen
  • Enter, store instantly retrieve and view thousands of design files
  • Search by design name, description, account, stitch count and 20+ other fields
  • View native stitch files in 3D throughout the program
  • View Adobe Illustrator, PDFs and other art files throughout the program
  • Batch export JPGs of all design files for use by sales reps and other software

Color Management

  • Create unlimited color ways for each design
  • Save licensed, fixed and club colors for each design and account
  • Save and retrieve colorways by order line item (product number, color, design and account)
  • Export 3D proofs of stitch files in selected thread colors on product fabric background swatches



  • Standard interface with QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise
  • Optional interface(s) with any ERP system, such as Dynamics AX, Navision or FDM4
  • Optional Sage 300 Accounting integration provides 'Best of Breed' accounting
  • Optional integration with Sage Online
  • Import order files from BigCommerce, InkSoft and other web stores

Purchasing and Receiving

  • Create consolidated purchase orders
  • Materials receiving screen with automated back order and sales order adjustment
  • Order status automatically updated when fully purchased and fully received

Work Orders

  • Work order format proven at the largest shops in North America
  • Work orders created based on processes, product types, decorations
  • Each work order includes product list and image of native file in first line colors
  • Each work order includes full coloring and production instructions
  • Email as PDF to contractors and promotional products vendors

Work Order Status and Work Flow Management

  • Status screen highlights orders falling behind schedule
  • Each work order created with a unique routing based on business rules and order characteristics
  • Product sourcing and art development can be on parallel paths for realistic progress tracking
  • Instantly locate orders
  • Ties in with optional Shop Floor Control Barcode system

Optional Production Management

  • Provides the tools for accurately planning work and measuring results--valid for incentive calculations
  • Calculates accurate production times and labor standards by order
  • Embroidery machine scheduling using internal and external thread color changes, machine specs, labor manhour rates, etc.
  • Screen Print machine scheduling using ink matching, palette change times, dwell times, image size, etc.
  • Uses barcode scanned actual production data to create Labor Productivity reports

Optional Shop Floor Control Barcode system

  • Track orders by either operation completion or operation elapsed time
  • Enforce routing discipline so that every required operation is performed in sequence
  • Integrates with Visual Scheduler screens to show realtime order progress for embroidery and screen print machines


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