Adding Color Cards

In addition to adding a Color Card during the Color Coordination,  Color Cards can be entered directly through the Color Ways option.

  • Access the Color Ways screen from the Coloring menu:

         colorways menu

  • In the Get screen, click 'Cancel'.
  • In the Color Ways screen, click  green plus
  • Click on the dropdown to select the associated Customer Account # (note: This dropdown list displays in Account Number order.)
  • Enter the associated Design #.  Click OK.

    colorways prompt





  • The Color Ways screen will display with the logo in the Viewer (using System Colors), the Design size and stitching information, and empty Thread Stop boxes.
  • Add the Color Card information
    1. Click 'Get Design Info' to pull the Design data from the Design Library record.
    2. Enter the Thread Stop Descriptions and Thread Stop ThreadNumbers.
    3. Click 'Redraw' to refresh the Viewer with the new thread colors.
    4. Add Notes, if applicable.
    5. Click Save. 
    6. colorways complete