Importing Catalog Items

EmbTrak offers the option to import products from a variety of vendor catalogs into your sales order. We currently carry the most recent catalogs from SanMar and Broder Bros.

  • Begin by creating a sales order.
  • At the top of the screen, click the 'Catalog Import' link next to the order number.

  • The catalog screen will open in a separate tab. You can filter by Product #, Catalog, Brand, Category and Subcategory. Choose the filter you want by clicking on the appropriate dropdown and selection an option. If you don't want to filter your search, click the magnifying glass.

  • For this document, we'll filter by the SanMar Spring 2014 catalog.

  • Once you filter, the products that match your criteria will be listed. If the vendor has provided a picture, you can mouse over the Product # (but don't click it) and the picture of that product will display.

  • To import the product, click on the Product #. 


  • Once you've clicked on a Product #, a yellow bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, informing you that the product is being imported.

  • And once the import is finished, the bar will turn green and display the product number that was imported.

  • Click back on the Sales Order tab, and you'll see that the imported product is now in the line item grid.

  • You can either import more products from the catalog or choose products from the product dropdown.

Note: When a product is imported from the catalog, then that product will also appear in the Product List screen. (Products -> Edit Products).